About Us



In 1998, Alan Crafton founded Crafton Communications, Inc. which has grown into a fully-integrated site acquisition and construction management firm for the telecommunications industry.

Who We Are

Crafton Communications is a proven leader in providing real estate and construction management solutions to the telecommunications industry. Our management team averages over 15 years of experience in the industry and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the business. Through their many years of experience our team is well equipped to manage and resolve issues in a professional and expedient manner, adding value to our clients.

What We Do

We are recognized within the industry as a premier provider of telecommunications solutions. We provide turn-key site acquisition services, ranging from search ring release all the way to Notice to Proceed. Crafton has performed site acquisition services for thousands of sites for both carriers and tower companies. We have become a trusted partner in the industry with clients ranging from premier tower owners to the largest cellular service providers in the nation. Additionally, Crafton offers construction management and build- to-suit-services to its clients.

Our Success

A true measure of success is the ability to maintain long term relationships with clients, strategic partners and employees in this very demanding industry. Over the years Crafton has and continues to enjoy many relationships which have added to our success. Placing our client’s needs first and providing solutions is what sets Crafton apart from its competitors.